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We offer a wide varaity of options for most of the speaker cabs that we build. The customer can choose from this options to adjust the speaker cab to his or her own needs and ideas.


In addition to the size of a speaker cabinet, the "back" has a very big influence on the sound of a speaker cab. "Closed-Back" cabinets are widely used because they are easy to handle. But they have a bad habit: closed-back cabinets have a more or less strong damping effect on higher frequencies but also also the bass responce and they might be significantly quieter too than cabinets with an open back. The benefits, however, is a tight and well-controlled bass which make them ideal for loud and heavy sounds.

An open-back cabinets produces a wide tonal range with a rich top end and a strong bass, but the bass response is less controlled than in a closed back cab because the cone of the speaker moves more freely with less control.

The "Flex-Back" - a development by TTC, however, is a mixture of both concepts and allows a quick change from a closed to an open back and vice versa - without tools. Thus the box can be easily adapted to the particular circumstances and needs.

The Oval or Dumble Back represents a kind of open-back - ported speaker cab with a higher tuning frequency than standard ported cabs, designed to push the mid-range which will result in a warm, smooth and full sound.

Closed Back Open Back Flex Back Dumble Back

Options for the front side

The difference between a "Standard front" and a "XL-Front" is purely optical, and does not effect the sound. With a slanted mounted baffle the "Monitor"- effect is much higher than with a straight mounted baffle, because the sound is more radiated toward the musician.

Standard Front Standard Slanted XL Front XL Front Slanted


TTC offers a width range of wire-sets for the speaker-cabinets.
With the standard cable set the speakers-chassis are directly connected and it is in most cases the first choice.
For other requirements one of the extended wire-sets could be used, which are shown here:

Kabelsatz mit Parallel Out Kabelsatz Stereo


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